Minimize Power Interruptions with Generator Repair in Riviera Beach and surrounding areas

At Xtra Mile, we know that a sudden power outage is tiresome, especially if you need a steady supply of electricity for day-to-day life. A dependable whole-house generator can make all the difference if the power abruptly cuts out. But just like any other equipment, your generator will run into trouble every now and then. When that happens, you need a team of experienced professionals to get your generator back in shape. That’s where we come in.

We provide top-notch generator repair in Riviera Beach and surrounding areas. Our electrical technicians can identify and fix whatever issues with your generator you may be struggling with. Whether your generator needs a simple fix or faces a more intricate problem, we won’t rest until we find the right solution.

Common Generator Repair Problems

Backup generators are at risk of malfunctions just like any other piece of equipment. Some reasons you could use generator repair are more common than others, such as:

  • Battery failure: A generator battery is an integral component of the system. If the battery seems to be weaker, your generator might fail to start and leave you unable to use it when you need it most. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your battery to find and fix whatever is keeping it from working.
  • Low oil pressure: A generator needs oil to run efficiently. If the oil pressure drops too low, your generator shuts down to avoid damaging the engine. Our team can identify and fix any oil pressure issues to avoid this potential disaster.
  • A clog in the fuel filter: The fuel filter protects your engine from being contaminated by foreign debris. When clogs form, your generator might fail to start as normal. Xtra Mile will clean and replace the fuel filter as required to keep your generator running cleanly. In fact, we can keep an eye on the fuel filter with our generator maintenance service!
  • Overloaded circuits: If the generator fails to produce sufficient power for your appliances or electrical devices, it may be an issue with your property’s circuit breaker. We’ll help you figure out the proper load size for standby generators and ensure yours is capable of running at full capacity.

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Signs Your Standby Generator Might Need Repair Service

When someone is having trouble figuring out why their backup generator isn’t working properly, it might be worth it to request an inspection. All things considered, you aren’t using the generator every day, and an unexpected problem won’t be apparent until you need the generator to do its job. While inspecting key components, we usually try and look for some of the following signs the generator needs professional repair service:


Having trouble starting

When a generator is unable to actually start up, it might be because of a dead battery, clogged fuel filter or faulty spark plug. We’ll do our best to fully diagnose and fix the issue.

Weird noises

Generators usually make noise when they run. But if you’ve heard noises resembling grinding, rattling or banging, it might be because something has broken or shaken loose. Performing repairs in a timely manner helps prevent further damage or even premature generator installation.



Fluctuating power output

Spotty power output or a surge may be because of a defective alternator or voltage regulator. Your generator repair technician should be able to identify and fix the issue.

Fuel leaks

Fuel leaks are not only a safety hazard, but they can also impact your generator’s overall effectiveness. When smelling gas or finding fuel around your generator, contact a professional for generator repair immediately.



Keep Your Generator a Reliable Backup with Xtra Mile

Minor damage shouldn’t worsen until it forces you into premature generator replacement. When you call the expert repair technicians at Xtra Mile, we’ll get to the bottom of things before reviewing repair solutions with you. Together, we’ll keep your whole-home backup generator running efficiently. Request an appointment today by calling us at 561-823-9872.

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