Dependable House Wiring Services in Riviera Beach and surrounding areas

The network of electrical wiring running through the walls is the backbone of your property, and it’s essential to ensure everything functions safely and efficiently. For example, frayed house wiring can lead to a wide range of issues like power outages and electrical fire hazards. Maintenance and support from local electricians can keep bad wiring from negatively impacting your daily life. At Xtra Mile, we recognize the value in a reliable electrical system, providing comprehensive house wiring services in Riviera Beach and surrounding areas.

Our licensed and experienced electricians are equipped with the right tools and know-how to manage any house wiring project, big or small. If you want to update a single connection or rewire the entire house, just give us a call! We know how to get the job done safely. Learn more about rewiring and our available electric services by calling 561-823-9872 today.

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Professional House Wiring Keeps Everything Well Connected

Think of your property’s wiring like a highway system. It’s how electricity is distributed to different utilities and appliances. When there’s damage or an obstruction, access to power could become intermittent. Other, worse problems like an electrical fire are at higher risk of happening when the wiring is particularly old or in bad shape. Luckily, knowledgeable electricians can protect house wiring with services like:


Breaker and fuse repair

It’s best to quickly find and fix any issues with your home’s circuit breakers or fuses. For example, if your breaker keeps tripping or the fuses keep blowing, we’ll find out what’s causing the problem before offering a permanent solution.

Ceiling fan and chandelier installation

Installing a new ceiling fan or chandelier could be tricky, but our team of electricians will handle the job with ease. We make sure electrical components are safely installed and connected no matter how complex they are. We’ll see to it that the new fixture brightens up the space literally and figuratively.



Lighting replacement

If a lamp or other light fixture is outdated or struggling, our electricians can help. From sconces to recessed lighting, lighting replacement services swap out wasteful lighting with modern, energy-efficient fixtures.

Outlet repair

Bad electrical outlets are a safety hazard, best handled by licensed and insured professionals. If you want a new outlet installed or a current one fixed, let us know!


But the condition of your wiring doesn’t matter when the power is cut off entirely. If you’re dealing with consistent outages, it may help to install a standby generator.

Electrician repairing a wall outlet

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A safe, efficient electrical system is vital to your property. If something doesn’t seem right, Xtra Mile can offer solutions. From breaker and fuse repairs to lighting replacement, we perform a full range of house wiring services with attention to detail and customer service as top priorities.

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