Enjoy the Convenience of an EV Charging Station for Your Home, Business

Now that electric vehicles have exploded in popularity, the need for easy-to-use charging solutions grows. Regardless if you are a homeowner, business owner or are responsible for public property, Xtra Mile sells and installs EV charging equipment to meet this growing need. Because this is a specialty electrical service, you should stick with experienced professionals who understand every step in the process. This is comprised of a consultation, the site evaluation and the installation of your charging point along with any preventive maintenance services needed to sustain it.

Don’t settle for a DIY or subpar EV charging solution. Try the professionals at Xtra Mile. With our help, you’ll be able to enjoy the savings of charging your electric vehicle at home or at the office Learn more about our EV charging service in Riviera Beach and surrounding areas and how we can help you join the electric vehicle revolution.

More than Plug-and-Play: Why Dedicated EV Charging Is Needed

One of the first questions customers ask about EV charging is “why can’t I just plug my EV into the wall?”

In fact, you can charge an electric vehicle using a standard 120-volt outlet. Concerning electric vehicles, this is referred to as a level 1 charger. Most EVs include this type of equipment for charging your car overnight. But this method is slow and may not be practical for many EV owners, especially those who don’t want to wait around for hours and hours.

As an alternative, many electric vehicle owners prefer to install dedicated charging stations with a level 2 charger. These stations are more powerful because they use a 240-volt outlet, which should be installed by licensed and insured electricians in addition to other electrical infrastructure needed for safe operation. When operating properly, it can fully charge your electric vehicle in around 4 to 8 hours.

There are also even more powerful level 3 chargers available. Known as a DC fast charger, level 3 is what’s found at public charging stations. They need a commercial-grade power draw that is both too high for most residential installations and prohibitively expensive for homeowners to install.

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What Do EV Charging Services Consist of?

We can extend a full suite of professional EV charging services to help you get the most out of your electric vehicle, regardless of where you are in the process. Here are some of the most important elements of our EV charging services:


Site evaluation

Our team will conduct a site evaluation to determine the best location for your EV charging station. We’ll consider factors like available space, electrical access and parking needs before recommending the most convenient and cost-effective solution.

Power load assessment

EV charging installation shouldn’t start until after we assess the property’s power load to determine if the current electrical system can handle the larger power draw, particularly if you want to install a Level 2 charger. In some cases, electrical upgrades may be necessary. If so, we can recommend the most suitable adjustments for safe and efficient charging.




After we’ve verified your property is a good fit, our team will install your EV charging station. We don’t rest until the work meets all safety and quality standards from the manufacturer, and we’ll even perform some safety checks for peace of mind your charger is working properly.

Maintenance and continued support

Even long after installation is complete, we’ll continue to support your EV equipment with ongoing maintenance and prompt repairs.


Enjoy All the Benefits of EV Charging Today

With the help of local EV charging services, you can enjoy the convenience and cost savings of charging your electric vehicle at home or at your business while also contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Interested in a better way to power your electric vehicle? Let Xtra Mile help kickstart the transition to sustainable transportation! Give us a call at 561-823-9872 to begin.

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